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Can You Really Use Facebook To Get Senior Manager Clients?

How to use Facebook and Social Media Marketing to sell high ticket items to senior managers and executives.
In other words, how can you find high net worth individuals able and willing to buy high ticket (expensive) items?

In other words, can you find high net worth individuals able and willing to buy high ticket (expensive) items?

This is a question a student recently asked me.

She said her boosting wasn’t working.

My answer: well, do you think your potential clients use Social Media?

What would your answer be?

Mine: of course they do.

I can immediately think of not less then 5 names of multi millionaires from Zambia who I have interacted with and yes, they do use social media.

..but in a slightly different way than the average person.

Let me answer this with some examples…obviously I can’t share names.

I know a business owner, who has services in the $5,000 (K100,000+) range.

She has a page on Social Media….she rarely gets comments and likes…

Guess what? She has clients…most of them high net worth people.

I know another lady who sales items costing K800,000+. ($35,000+)

Same story…her page has a small following and doesn’t get a whole lot of comments and likes.

I have also had a few people pay me higher amounts for consultation….many of them, I have never seen them comment on my content…but they do respond by simply getting in touch.

Remember what I said about wanting lots of followers, likes and comments on your Social Media page? They are not a must for a thriving business.

 Yes, those do have their place. 

A big following and lots of likes and comments will help with two things:

1. Higher organic visibility….this is important if you are an influencer or you sale mass market consumer goods…or maybe you are a politician.

2. Social proof…i.e…if this number of people follow this person, then he/she must be somewhat trustworthy

So here is the thing about high net worth individuals, yes, they do use social media but they rarely comment on anything.

If they see something that interests them, they look for a contact number and arrange for a demo, meeting, propose or even purchase.

I once went for a meeting with a local multi-millionaire entrepreneur.

This person does not even show their face on social media.

Guess what they said to me: “I follow your work on Social Media.”


Of course, I was super chaffed but acted cool…like its no big deal.

Bu actually, it was a big deal coming from such an experienced entrepreneur.

Social Media is a source of news, trends, competitor activities, customer insights, 

and interests…

…high net worth individuals

are interested in such information because such data can be relevant to their businesses.

I know another senior executive who was handling multi-million if not multi-billion dollar budgets who was asking me about a certain company they consider a competitor.

Of course the discussion was around competitor insights. Most senior executives regularly pay attention to such information.

Anyway, I have made my case: if you sale to high net worth individuals, you can use Social Media Marketing.

How? Here are some tips:

  • Don’t expect lots of likes and comments…these guys don’t do that
  • Don’t ask them to comment on anything…many are quite private
  • Focus on demonstrating that you are really good at what you do and they can trust you with a big budget. Experience makes it easy for them to spot someone who is really good at what they do and someone who is just trying to sound smart for nothing
  • Your ads will only work if you master laser targeting…boosting alone won’t achieve that
  • Use social selling or incorporate organic outreach
  • Use lead gen paid ads….not ordinary boosting – check out the video I did on lead gen ads
  • As you use lead gen ads, be ready to go for a product demo, proposal or meeting. What I mean is, have a process in place for taking your sales flow from online to offline…

    This means your marketing will happen partially on Social Media, and partially in person…that’s obvious right? Nobody is buying a 1million dollar item directly online…the sales process is different and often involves multiple steps.
  • Incorporate email marketing into your lead follow up process.
  • Use your website together with social media for your marketing purposes
  • Use full digital marketing with a mix of tools, not just Social Media Marketing, you have seen me mention email marketing and website marketing.

I hope you find these helpful.

So here is the marketing flow:

A. Social Media

Use this for for initial contact, social selling and lead generation via paid ads with laser targeting.

B. Email Marketing

For follow up and lead nurturing. You can directly connect your lead gen paid ads to an email follow up system so that the process is automatic.

I don’t like manually moving data from one online app to another.

Its better to automate and I am a huge fun of such automation.

C. Phone calls

For follow up or meetings either in person or via video for further discussions, proposals, sales demos etc…

See a link to a video on how I setup an ad for a B2B product on Social Media.

Skills required:

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Copywriting
  • Paid ads
  • Email marketing
  • Sales presentation
  • Sales closing.

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As you can see from the above, different skills are required to do online marketing well and get some good sales from it.

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Susan Mwenda-Mulongoti (BEng, AZIM)