Do Worry About Competing With Established Infopreneurs?

Do you have pasion to be a speaker, author or coach but worry about how you will compete with those already established?

Then this article is for you.

Maybe you have this area of passion.

You have accumulated so much knowledge and information on the subject. 

You have undergone some kind of personal transformation because of this information and you would like to help others do the same.

The problem is, when you look out there, you find that there are already so many other coaches, speakers, and writers doing what you would like to do.

You ask yourself, I am just a beginner, why would anyone pay me for my knowledge?

I will tell you why: because of who you are, your unique personal story, and style of delivery.

No matter how awesome someone can be, they will never be you.

Nobody can ever be you.

That’s really the beauty of this information business. You can apply your uniqueness and stand out. 

Like I said before, personal uniqueness can be applied to any other kind of business but especially so with information business because it makes use of your personal brand.

You have a unique voice, a unique perspective, and a unique way of delivery.

There are certain books I have read and online courses I have taken on the same subject from different people. 

Here is what I have discovered: I am able to resonate more with some of the coaches than others. 

This means their uniqueness speaks to me more than the others.

On the other hand, those I don’t resonate with, resonate more with other people.

This is the interesting difference I noticed when my husband and I both started getting interested in certain mentors.

For example, he likes Robert Kiyosaki and listens to a lot to his teachings. I personally don’t resonate with Kiyosaki so much. I have read some of his books, but I prefer to go to other teachers for more in-depth learning. 

It’s not that the other teaches are better. It’s that I just resonate more with them.

The same applies to you and those who will come to learn from you. 

This is why you can safely ignore most of what your competitors do.

I entered this industry when many others were already talking on start-ups.

I stopped feeling intimated the minute I realized, there is absolutely nothing they can do to change my uniqueness.

This is why you will make use of your personal uniqueness and story. 

Those who resonate with who you will be drawn to you.

And why would they pay you? Because you have undergone the personal transformation they want to make. 

As long as there is an achievement you have attained which they also want, they will be willing to learn from you.

What kind of achievement does this need to be?

Many think it needs to be financial wealth. I am here to tell you it’s not true. Money is just one of the option.

It can be that you have overcome depression, stress, overwhelm, you have made yourself more productive, you have become healthier, lost weight, become fitter…anything. 

Any kind of personal change or transformation that others aspire to can be turned into an information product to help them achieve the same transformation.

So, having PhD or other advanced achievements or qualifications is simply not a must.

And if your competitors have these, you shouldn’t be worried.

For example, I get paid to market for others and also teach others how to market.

Where did I get my knowledge? Through passion and lots of self-study and e-learning.

So I am both a student and teacher in the e-learning world..

Don’t wait for a master’s degree or anything like that before you can get paid for your knowledge.

How do you find people willing to pay for your knowledge? That’s what we cover