Making Money Online Offering Freelance Services.

Yesterday, I was Sharing on the Topic: making Money Online Offering Freelance Services.

I shared 3 main topics.





Low Barrier of Entry

No need to wait for capital or get stuck because you lost your job or are looking for some side income.

You can start with a laptop and WIFI access.

I have done this before and many others are doing it too.

Booming Industries Have Created Higher Demand

I gave the example of a new university building. When such a large facility is built, it automatically creates demand for support services.

Right now, ecommerce and eLearning are booming. This has created higher demand for freelance support services.


The current situation has caused online business to grow faster with more people working from home.

These need remote services. Hence the demand for online freelance services is higher.

Global Market.

If you feel the local economy is bad and you can’t find customers, freelance services give you access to a global market.


Start Where You Are.

Start with your current skill level and you can learn other skills later.

Start With VA Services

VA stands for virtual assistant. The same way executives have personal assistants, you can offer these services online. I find this category easiest to start with. If you can type and you are organized and dependable, you will be able to find clients.

You can do work like data entry, transcription, online customer care, email management etc….

Learn a Skill

The more specialized you are, the more you will earn. Learn a skill closest to your current interest or passion.

I started with web design because of my tech background. I later did some freelance writing.

You can learn through YouTube videos or if you want closer guidance, you can learn from me.

Learn From Me.

I can confidently teach you online marketing, I have delivered this as a service for a long time.

I have also taught both freelancers and business owners how they can do it for their own businesses.

Here are the skills I teach:

Social Media marketing strategy: how to turn likes into sales

Social Media Content Creation: how to create content that engages and sales.

Paid Ads: How to reach more people faster through paid ads….going beyond just boosting.

Selling skills: B2B skills. I created a course using some of the material I was using for internal training of my team.

In order to help freelancers, I am offering 90% off on my courses for the next 5 days.



Hustle Like a Bus Conductor

Don’t wait for people to follow you. Follow them and talk to each individual the way bus conductors do.

Door-to-door Hustling

In the offline world, you can go door to door. In the online word, the same principle can be used. Go inbox to inbox. This is how I found some of my early clients through LinkedIn. I simply sent messages asking if they would be interested.

Side-note: learn how to do this cold outreach in a way that gets you better results.

One of my first clients was from a different country.

This is another reason why I like freelance online services….your potential market is much wider. Go out and earn in dollars.

Use Groups

Go to groups and come a valuable content, contribute positively to discussions, answer questions. Please don’t use groups just to post your adverts….that’s called spamming… Instead, share helpful content with potential clients.

I know this works.

Use Freelance Websites

Go to freelance websites like fiverr, Upwork, freelancer etc…too few Zambians on these platforms. A few commented that they do use these platform and get paid.

I know less than 5 Zambians actively doing this. We really should have more.

Practice Excellence

Do your job so well that an international client with high standards will be happy with you work.

When you do this, you will have people coming back for more which will result in more stable income. Your clients are busy. They don’t want to be looking

for a new freelancer everyday. If you are good and reliable, they will want to keep you longer.

Show Don’t Tell.

Rather than trying to convince a total stranger that you can do what they need done, show them. This is the fastest way to win a total stranger’s trust.


Hope you found these points helpful. Share with someone who can benefit. If you choose to learn some skills from me, I have a 90% discount promotion for the next 5 days.

Don’t get stuck because you no longer have a job or cannot easily find clients. Online based industries are booming.

Go in and take your share.

All the best.