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Why Join My Club?

To get access to content, tools and strategies that will help you increase sales and grow your business.

Ready to Elavate Your Business?

Membership key focus: To help you build a sales and marketing system that brings a steady flow of sales  whether you are a marketing expert of not.

Other Benefits of Joining.

Have a Clear Marketing Strategy That Actually Delivers Sales

whether you have studied marketing or not, you will find a framework that many of my small business owners find simple and practical for their businesses.
Having a clear marketing strategy will help to deliver an ongoing stream of sales and sales leads.
It will also put an end to the struggle for customers and uncertainties about where your next client should come from.

Small Business Growth Plan

Get a clear roadmap of the key areas to work on in order to grow your business.
This includes how to build systems and processes that make delegation easier, building a team and giving yourself enough time to focus on steering your business in the right direction.

Learn how to avoid being enslaved by the day to day work in your business.

Personal Development

Small business growth can be summarized like this: your business will grow to the extent that you grow as a person. It’s really that simple.

I would love to show you how.

Have you ever wondered why it’s not the most educated people who make it in business? What is the missing ingredient?

It is the inner game. This and more is included in the membership.

Love to Teach? Monetize Your Knowledge Through Infoprenuership

If you have knowledge, passion and/or experience in a particular field and you would love to make money teaching other people, I have a framework to help you do so.

It will show you how to create a knowledge based product aka Info product and how to get customers for it.

Even if you don’t really want to sell your expertise, you will learn how to use teaching to get more customers.

Do these sound like benefits you can enjoy?

Join today and have immediate access to the following:

  • Social Media Mastery Courses

    I have the following courses on Social Media Marketing
    Introduction to Social Media Marketing
    Social Media Masterclass.
    Strategy: How to Turn a Facebook Like into a Sale
    Content: How to Create Social
    Media Content That Engages and Sales
    Paid Ads: Beginner to Expert
    If you have not taken any Social Media Marketing course, I suggest you start with the Social Media Marketing masterclass. (You will have access to a community where you can ask questions too.)

  • Infoprenuership Material

    I have a course titled: How to Make Money from Your Knowledge and some eBooks.
    These will help you with a strategy to turn your knowledge into a product for sale and even show you how to find people willing to pay for it.

  • Selling Skills

    Get my eBooks and courses on selling skills to help you get more deals closed. Whether you will feel confident in your selling skills or not, you will learn simple, practical ways to get more sales, keep your sales pipeline full and improve your closing skills.
    I have courses and an eBook on this.

  • Small Business Growth Content

    Knowledge is power and most small business owners struggle with managing their business due to lack of knowledge. Solve this challenge with the following courses.
    How to start and grow your business.
    How to increase sales in your business.
    You will also have access to some of my templates and worksheets including the 1 Page business management sheet.

  • Personal Development

    You will get access to eBooks, audios and courses that will help you with navigating the personal growth needed to take your business to the next level.
    Weekly Content
    Every week, you will receive new content of the week. Weekly
    Content which will vary depending on the month. These include but not limited to:
    Audio lesson of the week
    Q&A of the week
    Deep-dive blog or audio on a Chosen topic
    Recommended resources
    Book summary or book review of a book I believe you would find helpful
    Social Media Content recommendation for the month , quarter or season
    Recorded interviews with a member, industry expert or guest coach
    Other exclusive video content
    Other audio content you can listen to while you drive or do other work. These can also be audio versions of the deep-dive blogs
    Course module of the week

These Courses and More Included in the Membership

Testimonials - What People Are Saying

About Me

I started my own business in 2011 after leaving formal employment. I have experience starting a number of different businesses. Throughout my experience, I have learned how having the right knowledge can make the difference between struggling and getting the growth results you want both in your life and your business.

It is my passion to help entrepreneur, small business owners and others on a similar path with simple, practical knowledge that they can find helpful.

I have been writing for many years. I have written over 200 articles, more than 10books (small and large) and this website, you will find more than 10 courses

I write on 5 core subjects

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$ 17
  • Immediate access to all courses and all premium content as long as your subscription is valid


Pay Every 3 Months
$ 47
/3 Month
  • Immediate access to all courses and all premium content as long as your subscription is valid
SAVE 17%


Pay Once a Year
$ 197
  • Immediate access to all courses and all premium content as long as your subscription is valid
SAVE 28%

If you need more than information and want personalized attention, I have a different package. I highly recommend to start with the Inner Circle Membership.

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