Turn More of Your Social Media Followers into Buyers

Do you have a business page that has lots of followers and still not enough sales coming in?

In this article, I want to talk about how you can get more of your followers to buy from you…

It can be frustrating to have so many social media followers without seeing that translate in to actual dollars.

As you know, “You can’t take Facebook likes to the bank”

The simple process of getting people on social media to buy from you goes like this.

Step 1: they get to know that you exist

Step 2: they get to like and trust you

Getting followers and getting them to like and trust you is part of the puzzle.

More is needed.

We need some sales.

Let’s talk about that.

What we need is to get them to take action.

You do this by lowering the barrier of entry or lowering the risk of doing business with you for the first time”

We call this step “getting into the door”.

You want your audience to take the first step and start buying from you, otherwise, your visibility and relationship won’t bring you business results (sales ).

What are some ways you can get people to take action after they have known you and developed a measure of trust in your product, service or brand?

Here are some ways we will now explore.

  • Give free or low-cost offers
  • Offer free or low-cost evaluation.
  • Offer a free trial or product demo
  • Give a discount or promotion

Give Free or Low-cost Offers.

How do you get people to try out a new product or service?

 You get them to have a taste of it without spending too much.

If it makes business sense to you, make this a free offer.

If not, provide a low-cost offer or even a discount as shown in the example advert below where Jasper’s market is inviting first-time buyers by offering them a discount.

You can do this for any local business like a restaurant, gym, a beauty parlour, massage parlour etc…..

What about a service business? 

What kind of initial free or low-cost offer can you make?

Imagine that you are a security firm and you install security cameras, CCTV, and such related gadgetry for your customers

If your kits are going for, let’s say $200, there might be some reluctance from people to make an outright purchase there and then.

It’s not that they can’t afford or that they don’t need it. Its that they have some trust issues and some unanswered questions..

Jay Abraham, one of my top 5 recommended marketing gurus to learn from says that every time there is a transaction between two people, one or both of them is taking a risk.

There are a number of risk-related questions your first-time buyers could be asking themselves.

How do you overcome that?

For my CCTV installer example, you can offer a free security vulnerability evaluation.

Maybe you are not the CCTV lady.

Maybe you offer a different kind of service.

How do you decide what your initial free or low-cost offer should be?

Think through the service you provide.

There is always some initial type of consultation or evaluation you do for paying clients. 

Why not offer that initial consultation either for free or even for a really low amount? 

You can also think of your full service as a big cake. You can think of your initial offer as a small slice of cake. Big enough for them to enjoy some early experience with your skills. Not too big that they will no longer need the full cake.

For the CCTV people, they can say to their customers, ‘before you buy from us, we are willing to access your premises and show you the vulnerable points. We will do this for free. We only ask that you buy us enough fuel to reach your office/house.’

Adding a small fee can be a good way to get rid of freebie seekers

Trust me, there are people out there who will go for anything if they know its free. Adding a small fee makes you deal only with people who appreciate the importance of paying for services.

And you do want paying customers, don’t you?

Look at the example below from Jasper  Contractors. They are offering a free roof evaluation. Why are they doing that? They offer roof repair and replacement services and it seems roofing materials as well.

This offer helps them to demonstrate their expertise and also give a customer an initial experience of their service.

By making the initial evaluation free, they create a risk-free environment for those who are interested in the service but still undecided or who have a few trust-related questions and doubts.

How can you apply this in your own business? Think about it and write down at least 3 options to try.

You can also think of it from a point of view of overcoming inertia in first time product use.

In Summary:

After gaining visibility and a measure of trust, you want customers to experience your product or service as soon and as early as possible.

You can do this by inviting first-time buyers through an offer, discount or promotion.

You can also do this through a free or low-cost evaluation that is normally a part of the full paid service.

Which of these strategies are you using in your business? Would you like some help in creating a startegy to get more initial sales for your business? Talk to us.l