How do you move a person online from being a total stranger to becoming a loyal customer?

First, you make sure they become aware of you, your business, and what you offer.

I covered how you can do this in this article.

After this, you work on building a relationship of trust.

Then you can make some offers.

After they become aware of you, you need to nurture them and build a relationship of trust.

Here are some methods you can use to build a relationship of trust.

  • Content Marketing
  • Storytelling
  • Strategically selected insider information
  • Creating and sharing engaging content

Content Marketing
When you share interesting and useful pieces of content that are relevant to your business, people will become more curious about you and your business. 

In addition, they see you as someone trustworthy, willing to share helpful information.

In the example below, Jasper’s market is sharing a recipe. This is relevant to their business because they sell the mentioned ingredients.

Other content you can create include articles, blogs, ebooks, reports, infographics etc…

Below is an example of another ebook I was using for content marketing in order to get more clients for our social media marketing agency, Zicon Media.

Many times, potential customers approach me by saying, I have been following what you write on social media. For this reason, I know for a fact that content marketing is effective in getting more people to want to do business with you.


Storytelling is powerful because human beings love stories.

A well-crafted story will make you more persuasive and more relatable.

This helps to build a bond with your customers and they will be more willing to buy from you. 

There are many types of stories you can tell.

You can talk about your company history, how you started, the motivation behind some of your products and services etc…

You can also share customer and client stories.

As long as the story helps to show that you are credible, trustworthy and relatable, be sure to include them in your social media content.

Strategically Selected Insider information.

Case study.


There was a certain beer company that was struggling with their sales…pardon me if beer consumption goes against your beliefs but the point here is the marketing lesson.

A marketing consultant was brought in to look at what they were doing.

He was taken through the whole process of how the beer is made.

He came up with a suggestion.

He said, ‘we should create a marketing campaign that details the length to which the company goes to make this beer taste good’.

The business executives argued to say that there is nothing special about their process and that all beer companies do the same.

Here is what the marketing consultant said. Yes, all beer companies do that but the consumers don’t know.

They crafted the campaign and it became a success.

My point is that sometimes, you might take what you do in your business for granted.

It might look simple and obvious to you.

If you are a passionate business owner, like most of us are, you work hard to make sure your customers are happy.

What if you decided to showcase just how hard you are working to make your customers happy?

You might want to take a leaf from this example by sharing some strategically selected insider information as a way to create a bond between your brand and the consumer.

Obviously I am not suggesting to give away your trade secrets but you already know what kind of insider information would make sense to share with your followers.

How else can you build a relationship of trust with your audience?

Entertaining or Engaging Content

You can create a meme or an entertaining video to make people laugh and associate those good feelings to your brand, company or product.

If you are a big brand with big ad budgets, you will have all the works with professional comedians, scriptwriters, actors, full studio video production gear, etc…

What if you are a small business with a small budget?

There are two things I would advice:

One, test different types of funny content and memes that are easy to create…

Secondly, focus a lot of your content on UGC – user-generated content.

How else can you come up with engaging content?

I once created a presentation for a client, titled “what makes people engage with content on social media.”

Here are some of  the suggestions I included:

This includes CSR events, donations, contests, promotions, and even random give-aways.

Make Them Laugh.
Use memes, funny puzzles, pictures, riddles, videos, funny GIFs.

Ask for their opinion on a specific or random topic, an image, video, etc..

Create animated short films with characters created from or aligned with your products.

Inform and Entertain
You can use drama, gossip or other relevant news items.

**Do you want more ideas? My team and I are creating a content calendar with enough ideas for you to use for a whole year.

In Summary:

Building a relationship with your audience makes them like and trust you. 

You can do this by:

Sharing helpful and useful information


Sharing strategically selected insider information

Creating and sharing engaging content.

Building a relationship of trust will make your audience much more likely to buy from you.

Which of these are you currently doing? I would love to hear from you. Do you need assistance with Social Media Marketing? Get in touch today.